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Established in Christ. Prepared for life.

Admissions Overview

Dunwoody Christian School welcomes prospective students who will be entering Kindergarten through 3rd grade in the Fall of 2019. Students applying to Kindergarten for the Fall of 2019 must turn 5 years old before Septemeber 1, 2019. We will accept students who are academically qualified, performing at or above grade level.

DCS is a “covenant” Christian school. This means everyone on our Board, our faculty, and our staff is a professing Christian. Each of these individuals is required to agree in writing to our Statement of Faith, and to our Employee/School Covenant.

In like manner, for a student to be considered for admission to our school, we require at least one parent living with that child to be a professing Christian. The parent must also agree in writing to our Statement of Faith, and to our Parent/School Covenant.

We have events where we introduce our school to new parents, but of course, we would love to meet with you other times to tell you more about our school. Please contact us at, or call 770-712-2896, or txt us. You can also fill out the "Contact Us" form, and we will get in touch with you.