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Financial Aid

Dunwoody Christian School is pleased to award a limited amount of financial aid each year to needy students and their families. Here is some important information to know about our financial aid program:

1) Financial aid will only be considered for students who have completed the Dunwoody Christian School application process.

2) All financial aid applications are scored for relative need by our financial aid software program, Grant and Aid. We will weigh very heavily the Grant and Aid scoring and recommendations of each application, but reserve the right to allocate funds based on factors outside of the Grant and Aid process.

3) There is a $35 fee for each financial aid application, but if a family has already submitted a Grant and Aid application to another school, this fee is waived.

4) Dunwoody Christian School has limited financial aid available. Parents should not apply to Dunwoody Christian School with any expectation of receiving financial aid, unless a member of the school’s administration has communicated an aid amount to them in writing.