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New Half Day Kindergarten Program

Beginning August 2020, we are pleased to offer our families two Kindergarten options: full day Kindergarten and half day Kindergarten. Here is some information about each option:

Full day Kindergarten

- This is a full academic program, including regular instruction in specials such as music, art, and Physical Education. 

- These students follow our normal schedule, from the beginning until the end of the school day.

- At the end of the school day, these Kindergartners are eligible to participate in The Lions' Den, our after school program. 

Half day Kindergarten

- These students begin the school day at the same time as our other students. However, they are picked up at noon, before our full day students go to lunch. 

- These students will be in the same classroom as our full day Kindergartner students. There they will receive the same instruction in core learning areas such as reading, writing, and math.  

- These students are eligible to participate in the Lions' Den if a parent or guardian returns them to school in the afternoon. 

You can learn more about our Kindergarten tuition rates here