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Established in Christ. Prepared for life.

Parent Testimonials


What our parents say about Dunwoody Christian School...


“Dunwoody Christian School has changed our family and is one of the best investments we have made.”

“Our daughter loves this school so much that she begs to go to school on weekends.”

“We love Dunwoody Christian School and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a solid Christian education for their children.”

“We love Dunwoody Christian School because of its focus on Christ, excellent teachers, tight knit community, and small classes where our child is loved and thriving.”

“When we found Dunwoody Christian School, we felt like God answered our specific prayers for a quality Christian school in Dunwoody.”

"Dunwoody Christian School has allowed our son to soar."

We received the following note on December 14, 2018, from a Dunwoody Christian School parent. It is highly representative of the feedback we receive from our parents. The parents who wrote this note, and other parents, are eager to speak with prospective parents to tell them about our school. 

December 14, 2018

Dear Bob and Cindy,

My husband and I are writing to thank you for your incredible school. 

On our drive to visit family for Thanksgiving, my husband and I talked with our sons about what it meant to be a godly man. After defining what we thought a godly man was, we asked each boy who in their lives, both currently and in the past, was a godly man. After naming my husband and their grandfather, the older two fell into silence thinking of who else modeled this type of influence in their lives. Without missing a beat, our youngest son, a current Dunwoody Christian School kindergartner, spoke up. “My P.E. teacher!” he said. “He always prays for us and just loves God with all of his heart and wants for us to know Him too,” he continued. This is what we are so thankful for this season. A Christian school that truly is centered on Christ. 

I found my son last week earnestly thumbing through his picture Bible. When I approached him, he happily explained, “I’m just looking for a picture of Meshach and Abednego. I really want to see what they look like!” Well, I can guess what Ms. Taylor taught in Bible that day! To know that Bible time during class is so valued and not rushed through just to check a box fills my husband and me and with such gratitude. It takes time to bring a Bible story to life to the point where the student is at home fervently trying to find that same story in the Bible to know more. 

A friend’s child recently started elementary school at a local school and was sharing with my son how unhappy he was there. My son looked at his friend in complete shock and said, “Really? I love school! I love kindergarten!” In his world, the idea of not loving school or liking kindergarten does not exist. Every morning when I wake him up, he looks at me with excitement in his eyes and asks, “Do I have school today?” When I confirm that he does, he immediately bounds out of bed saying, “Whoo-hoo!” and then immediately gets his uniform on. After his morning routine, he eats breakfast, gets his backpack ready and then declares that he is ready to go! There is no prodding. There is just a child who can’t wait to get to a school where he feels so loved, safe and important. 

My son is right where he needs to be academically and is immersed in a world of sight words, phonics, counting and read-alouds. From an academic point of view, he is getting an excellent foundation. More importantly, he is becoming a curious learner that loves to learn. These are the very seeds that bloom into the beauty of a life-long learner. He feels successful in and loves school and is completely engaged in learning. These vitally important intangibles are beginning to reach their invisible tentacles into every corner of his life allowing a foundation of academic engagement, excellence and success to be laid. As we all know, a school can have the most beautiful spaces, most advanced curriculum and most credentialed teachers but not be able to effectively reach a student that is unengaged, doesn’t feel important or doesn’t feel comfortable and emotionally safe.

Our highest hopes of a true love for learning being nurtured in a loving and Christian environment have been exceeded. A path is being formed. A life is being changed. A legacy is being left.

My husband and I thank God and you both for the most precious and priceless gift of Dunwoody Christian School and we look forward to many more years here.

    With much appreciation,

    Current Dunwoody Christian School parents