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Established in Christ. Prepared for life.

On-line Giving

Dunwoody Christian School is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All contributions to Dunwoody Christian School are tax deductible. 

We rely upon the generosity of financial partners like you to offer exceptional Christian education to the children of Dunwoody and surrounding communities. Here are a few ways you can make a difference:

PayPal or credit card

Click on the Donate button below to make a one-time contribution from PayPal or your credit card to Dunwoody Christian School. The Subscribe button allows you to easily set up a regular contribution to our school.

We gladly provide PayPal or credit card payment as a convenience to our gracious donors. If you are making a larger donation, please consider sending us a check instead of giving online, as PayPal takes a 2.2% fee from all our online donations. You learn more about sending us a check here

Make A One Time Donation


Setup A Recurring Monthly Donation

Regular contribution from your bank

Perhaps the most impactful way to partner with Dunwoody Christian School is to establish a regular contribution from your online bank account. Click on your bank’s name to learn how you can set up an automated donation to Dunwoody Christian School from Bank of America online banking, SunTrust, or Wells Fargo.


It is Dunwoody Christian School’s policy to set aside 10% of every non-designated donated dollar to be used for student scholarships, financial aid, or other charitable and benevolent purposes. If you do not wish a portion of your gift to be used in this manner, please notify us at the time of your donation.