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Established in Christ. Prepared for life.



All our curriculum is taught from a biblical world-view, with the goal of developing both subject matter expertise, and Christ-likeness in your child. Working in partnership with parents, Dunwoody Christian School is committed to the educational and spiritual growth of every student.

Our methodology is to educate, not indoctrinate, so questioning and exploring ideas are welcome in our classrooms. We value and teach critical thinking. The notion that “all truth is God’s truth” guides our teachers as they prepare and deliver classroom instruction.  

Core Curriculum

We draw from the best curriculum available by subject. Our curriculum adheres to the Georgia Standards of Excellence and the Georgia Performance Standards. We rely upon our spiritually mature, state-certified teachers to ensure that all classroom content is presented from a biblical, Christian perspective.

We continuously evaluate our curriculum for effectiveness. Listed below are our current curriculum selections by grade level. 


Bible: Purposeful Design

Math: Purposeful Design

Science: Teacher directed according to Georgia standards

Social Studies: Gallopade

Reading: Saxon Phonics

Language Arts (language, handwriting): Shurley English

First Grade

Bible: Purposeful Design

Math: Purposeful Design

Science: Purposeful Design

Spelling: Purposeful Design

Social Studies: Gallopade

Reading: Scott Foresman Reading Street & Novel Studies; 180 Days of Reading

Language Arts (grammar, handwriting, phonics): Shurley English

Second/Third Grade

Bible: Purposeful Design

Math: Purposeful Design

Science: Purposeful Design

Spelling: Purposeful Design

Social Studies: Story of the World

Reading: Novel Studies; 180 Days of Reading

Language Arts: Teacher directed according to Georgia standards


We believe strongly in educating the whole child by embracing a broad range of learning experiences. Accordingly, our students receive instruction:

Twice a week in Spanish and Physical Education;

Once a week in Art, Music, and Technology. 

What is Purposeful Design?

Purposeful Design is a publishing division of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Purposeful Design curriculum is unique in that it produces academically rigorous textbooks which adhere to Georgia and national educational standards, while being rooted in biblical truth. You can learn more about Purposeful Design here

Other Curriculum Information

For English-Language Arts, our teachers are trained in the highly effective, multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham reading approach. You can learn more about the Orton-Gillingham approach by clicking here

Bible content and biblical concepts will be integrated into all of our subject areas, including our Specials. Of course, the Bible will be the foundation of our weekly chapel services.

Kindergarten is an important time to establish strong reading and writing skills. We dedicate extra time to these foundational skills. Therefore, our Kindergartens do not participate in Spanish or Technology classes.