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After School Clubs

Our students participate in an array of exciting and educational afterschool clubs. These clubs provide students an opportunity to learn new skills, explore the world of the arts, and engage in athletics. Extracurricular involvement has been linked to improved student performance, increased leadership abilities, and greater teamwork skills. 

Clubs are open to all students, regardless of age or abilities. Each club meets once a week immediately after school for an hour (from 2:45 PM - 3:50 PM). All clubs are fee-based.

Club Schedule

Monday: Art Club

Leader: Kim Freemyer

The purpose of art club is to unlock students’ creative potential in the visual arts. Each week, students will be led in creating a project which will allow them to express themselves artistically using different mediums and materials. Creative adventures await!  

About the instructor: Ms. Freemyer was the first teacher hired by DCS, joining the school's leadership team before it was formed. Ms. Freemyer has tremendous gifts of creativity. In the classroom, she regularly uses her creative ability to enhance student learning. Ms. Freemyer's academic credentials may be found here

Tuesday: Pom / Cheer Club

Leader: Jasmine Little










Students who join the Pom / Cheer club can look forward to learning a mixture of cheer and dance technique, along with various styles of age-appropriate routines, and much more!

About the instructor: Ms. Little discovered her love for both cheer and dance at a very early age. At the University of West Alabama, she danced for the Stars of Alabama Dance Team, appointed as captain for three years. She has professional dance experience with the Atlanta Gladiators, where she danced for two seasons as a Glads Girl, leading as captain during her second season. Ms. Little holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of West Alabama.

Thursday: Basketball Club

Leader: Devonta' White







Basketball club is consistently one of our most popular clubs. In basketball club, students will learn the fundamentals of basketball, including lay ups, shooting, foul shooting, passing, dribbling, and ballhandling. Perhaps most important, students will learn the importance and value of teamwork. 

About the instructor: Coach White played basketball professionally in Europe. Before that, he was one of the leading basketball scorers in Georgia State University's history. Coach White develops players from all skill levels in this fun and active environment.