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Established in Christ. Prepared for Life.

Our Commitments

Our commitments to every parent and student...


1) We are distinctly Christian.

Our allegiance is to Jesus Christ, and we adhere to the truth of God’s Word, the Bible. Ours is a covenant Christian school, meaning every member of our community has either professed personal faith in Christ, or in the case of our youngest students, are members of a Christ-honoring home. We are dedicated to teaching sound doctrine, developing Christian character, and readying our students to build the kingdom of God, both in ministry and in the marketplace. We will maintain a culture that loves and serves God, one another, and the world.

2) We are committed to exceptional classroom experiences.

There are four ways we accomplish this:

- We maintain high academic standards;

- We hire only the most talented, certified, and dedicated Christian educators;

- We keep classroom size small and focused;

- We educate from a Christian perspective.

We create environments in which students excel in knowledge, refine their aptitudes into talents, and flourish as they become established in their faith.

3) We are a Christian community.

Your child will be entering a community that is loving, safe, engaging, challenging, and nurturing. Because we are a covenantal school, your child will be surrounded by staff, teachers, and peers who all share their Christian beliefs and values.

Our unique community will facilitate the growth of roots, which will both establish your child in Christian values and truth, and prepare them to thrive in new areas of growth.

Many of our parents have also found that they have developed new, meaningful relationships with other DCS parents. Some of our DCS families are "doing life together" with one another in true community. 

4) We are devoted to college, and life, preparation.

We are firmly committed to preparing your child to enter the college or university of their choice. However, we don’t stop there. We enable students to become grounded in Christ, ready to face the opportunities and challenges of life beyond the classroom.

5) We are dedicated to partnering with parents.

DCS exists to partner with parents in the process of developing their children. Your child’s teachers will be accessible to you to discuss their progress, and to plan together your child's success. As a partner, DCS will welcome your comments concerning any aspect of the school and its programs. In kind, we will ask each of our parents to be actively engaged in building the DCS community.  

6) We are service-oriented.

We realize that most parents have busy lives, and are accustomed to service excellence. At DCS, we adopt a service mindset that is both Christ-like and consumer oriented. Our staff will seek to serve all stakeholders – parents, students, children, and others – who are likewise invested in our students’ education and character development. We will also encourage our students to adopt a Christ-like service mindset in all they do. 

7) We are committed to growth.

We are growing! We will add at least one grade level per year until we grow to become a full-service K-12 school.

8) We are internationally aware and locally engaged.

Because God’s work is worldwide, we create opportunities for our students to encounter a range of languages and people groups. We prepare young people to successfully enter other cultures to undertake the work to which God has called them. We also seek students, and their families, who want to engage with and minister to our local community.

9) We embrace change.

Our world changes at a rapid pace, and while we will always remain faithful to Biblical principles, we are ready to adapt. We will prepare young people to be catalysts of God-honoring transformation in societies around the world.

10) We provide a safe, secure environment for your child.

Perhaps more than ever before, safety is a primary concern of parents. We will establish and rigorously maintain optimal safety policies and procedures. Beyond physical safety, we are also dedicated to creating safe learning environment in which students are free to be themselves, explore ideas, and flourish in their Christian faith.