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Established in Christ. Prepared for Life.

Why DCS?

Why Dunwoody Christian School?

Academic excellence in a loving, Christian community.

Why should you enroll your child in Dunwoody Christian School? Here are some reasons. 

A safe, loving, and diverse school family

Parents tell us that one of the characteristics they appreciate most about Dunwoody Christian School is that our school feels like a family to them. They know their child will be unconditionally loved and accepted at Dunwoody Christian School. This experience begins with our teachers, who daily demonstrate through word and deed their deep committed to the well-being of each student. This mindset permeates everything we do as a school community. For instances, differences are celebrated and embraced. Lasting friendships are formed not only between our students, but among families, faculty, and staff.  

Individualized learning

Our class sizes are small – an average of 11 students per classroom. This means your child will receive individualized instruction throughout the school day. Each child receives the instruction they need to progress to the next level, and beyond. 

Differentiated learning

No two children are the same, and therefore no two children learn the same way. At Dunwoody Christian School, we recognize this. Classroom lessons are presented so that visual, auditory, verbal, and physical (kinesthetic) learners are all given opportunities to experience the joy and excitement of learning. 

Teacher quality

All of our teachers are state or nationally certified elementary educators. Some hold additional certifications and many have taught in both public and private schools. Perhaps most importantly, all of our classroom teachers are devoted Christians. They are highly qualified, and have a passion for developing their students both academically and spiritually. 

Christian education and character development

One of our commitments in our mission statement is to develop Christ-like character in our students. One way our faculty and staff seek to do this is by modeling Christian character. Our teachers also seek to integrate biblical truth throughout their lessons, without compromising academic excellence. In addition, Bible is a discreet academic subject for all grades. Lastly, our students participate in a weekly, energetic, age appropriate chapel service led by our school staff.  

Comprehensive learning

Our curriculum philosophy is to select the best curriculum available for each subject area in each grade. One publisher we rely upon heavily is Purposeful Design®. Purposeful Design curriculum is unique because it adheres to state and local academic standards, while meaningfully integrating Christian truth. We also believe strongly in educating the whole child. To achieve this goal, we provide our students with a full complement of special subjects instruction, led by experts in these fields. Our students participate in twice weekly Physical Education and Spanish classes. One day a week our students enjoy art, music, and STEAM classes. 

New and old learning

Each of our classrooms are equipped with Smart® boards, which enable our teachers to deliver academic content in the most modern media formats. In addition, our school has a compliment of iPads and Chromebooks, which we use to train our students to be digital content creators, not merely content consumers. Yet we also embrace sound academic practices which have stood the test of time, such as training our students to have proper handwriting and cursive skills. 

Physical activity daily

Parents understand that young children need to be in motion to stay healthy and motivated. Modern research indicates children learn best when they are also physically active. Accordingly, all of our students have active periods every school day. Two days each week, outdoor recess is complimented by Physical Education instruction. 

We are growing

We are growing. DCS is opening middle school for the 2022-2023 school year, offering grades K through 8th grade. We are also continuing to work on the long-term strategy to offer high school, so DCS will serve all grades K-12 in the future.

Convenient location

Do you live in Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Brookhaven, Norcross, Chamblee, or northern Atlanta? If so, our school is conveniently located near you. 

Affordable tuition

We work hard to keep our tuition rates low. When compared to other local private schools, Dunwoody Christian School is an affordable alternative. Click here to learn more.