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What is the DCS Annual Fund?
It’s a campaign that starts at the beginning of each school year, where donors (like you!) are asked to help fund approximately 25% of the DCS operating budget. It ends on June 30, which is the DCS fiscal year end. Funds raised help DCS pay for necessary annual expenses, such as teacher salaries & benefits (the largest budget item), rent, classroom materials, curriculum, school supplies, and more. Our goal for the 2023-2024 Annual Fund is $300,000 (did you know this represents about $3,500 per student?), independent of Board giving.


Your generous donations help DCS pay for:
  • Teacher Salaries & Benefits
  • Security, painting & other improvements to the buildings
  • Rent & Utilities
  • Classroom Furniture
  • School Events
  • School Supplies & Curriculum
  • DCS Scholarships
  • Smartboards & Computers



2023-2024 Annual Fund

  • Click here to give by credit card 
  • Personal check made out to “Dunwoody Christian School” mailed to: Dunwoody Christian School, 1445 Mount Vernon Road, Dunwoody, GA 30338
  • Through your employer’s matching donation program
  • Click here to learn about giving in other ways such as stocks, bonds, estate planning, etc.


Tuition covers approximately 75% of DCS operating expenses. Like virtually all private schools, the DCS Board of Directors reviews the operating budget each year and then tuition is intentionally set below the full cost. This helps keep DCS more affordable to a wider range of families. The Annual Fund also allows our school community (parents, friends, extended family, and other DCS partners) to make up the deficit through tax deductible donations.

Being part of a covenant Christian environment is the top reason DCS families shared for choosing our school, which means we share similar faith values. It also means we are building something great together – that we are each committed to building our school and nurturing students for the glory of God. Your generosity will make an incredible impact on the next generation of young leaders by providing academic excellence, Christ-centered instruction, and outstanding educational experiences at DCS.

Whether you donate $1,000 or $100,000, our goal is to achieve 100% participation in the Annual Fund among DCS families. Our prayer is simply that you please consider donating an amount that is meaningful to your family. 

  • If you have given previously to DCS, we ask you to please consider increasing your donation amount this year.
  • If you are new to the DCS Annual Fund, please consider joining us this year as we seek to meet our goal. 

100% participation among our families demonstrates the dedication of our community. As DCS applies for grants, the foundations that give those grants often require 100% participation. We trust God for 100% participation from DCS families, and we actually require 100% participation from DCS Board members. 

DCS raised approximately $400,000 in the 2022-2023 Annual Fund from DCS families, Board members, grandparents and other supporters. Thank you!

Yes, if you prefer to schedule a donation for the future, simply make a “pledge,” which is a commitment to donate a specific amount on a specific date. Email and let us know the amount and future donation date. We will send you reminders, so you can fulfill your pledge. 

Yes, the Pay it Forward program is a separate program that only funds student scholarships. If you file taxes in the state of Georgia, we ask that you consider both a donation to the DCS Annual Fund, as well as a donation to the Pay it Forward program on behalf of DCS. The Pay it Forward program provides donors with a 1:1 tax credit for your donation, which means you get 100% of your donation back in the form of a tax credit - it truly is a remarkable program that benefits many students. Read more about giving to Pay if Forward here

Dunwoody Christian School is a 501(c)(3) United States tax-exempt charitable organization. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

It is Dunwoody Christian School’s policy to set aside 10% of every non-designated donated dollar to be used for student scholarships, financial aid, or other charitable and benevolent purposes. If you do not wish a portion of your gift to be used in this manner, please notify us at the time of your donation.