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Established in Christ. Prepared for Life.

Parent/School Covenant

To establish and maintain a harmonious Christian environment at Dunwoody Christian School,
at least one parent living with a prospective student must consent, in writing, to this covenant:
Dunwoody Christian School will:
1. Fulfill its mission by providing a quality education from a Biblical perspective.
2. Provide a safe, nurturing environment for all students.
3. Know your child on a personal level and be available to discuss his/her academic progress.
4. Regularly communicate information about the school and its events.
5. Support your family in prayer.
Parent agreements:
1. I agree to continue the spiritual training of my child(ren) at home and to regularly attend a Bible-believing church.
2. I agree with the Dunwoody Christian School Statement of Faith.
3. I have reviewed and am in agreement with the policies set forth in the DCS Parent/Student Handbook.
4. I agree to be involved at a grade appropriate level with my child(ren)’s education at home, realizing my child's education is ultimately my responsibility (Ephesians 6:1-4).
5. I will regularly access the parent web portal for important communications including the school calendar, homework assignments, announcements, etc.
6. I will support DCS through prayer and a positive, constructive attitude. If I develop a complaint or concern about the school or its programs, I will utilize the guidelines found in Matthew 18:15, and the Conflict Resolution Procedures in the Parent/Student Handbook. I will address complaints and concerns with the person most directly involved, and will not communicate these complaints or concerns through any form of gossip, including social media.
7. I will make a concerted effort to attend school activities that my child(ren) are involved in (e.g., programs, athletic competitions, etc.) as well as requested parent/teacher conferences and school-wide meetings.
8. I commit to pay all DCS financial obligations in a timely manner.
9. I understand that DCS does not tolerate obscenity, profanity, defamation of God’s Word, disrespect toward staff members or students, or repeated disregard of school policies from students or parents.
10. If in the future I no longer agree with any of the above commitments, I agree to promptly communicate in writing to the DCS Headmaster my specific disagreements. I understand that disagreements with any of the above commitments may require me to withdraw my student from DCS.